10 Myths About Yoga

A lot has been happening in the name of yoga globally. But the fact is only a few people know what exactly this ancient science has to offer to humanity.

Let’s talk about some myths of yoga that you should stop believing.

Myth – 1 Yoga is what you do every day on the mat

Fact: Yoga is a way of living. Yoga is a way of being in a state.

What you do on the mat is the physical aspect of yoga which is called hatha yoga. Yoga comprises eight limbs known as Ashtang yoga. All the limbs are interlinked and to be followed from time to time to make a progress in the journey towards the highest truth.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, most people understand yoga means asans.

Yoga is the key to unlock the immense potential within. Yoga is a path that leads to the highest truth.

You can be in yoga 24/7 on all days.

Myth – 2 You need body flexibility to practice yoga

Fact: You don’t need certain body conditions to practice yoga. If you are talking about hatha yoga, even to practice asans and pranayam you don’t need body flexibility.

Step by step guidance and techniques will facilitate body flexibility without hurting any muscle and joints.

Myth – 3 Yoga comes from one religion

Fact: Yoga is an ancient science and precious gift to humanity. Yoga doesn’t belong to any religion.

Myth – 4 Difficult poses mean advanced yoga

Fact: Anyone with good body flexibility can do difficult poses and become a pretzel.

Yoga is an internal process. It’s subtle and poses cannot measure how advanced you are in the inner world.

Through asans, you get control over certain body elements and vital force that facilitates the introversion to advance in the yogic process.

Myth – 5 You can learn yoga from books and random videos

Fact: Books and random videos can inspire you, can give information and make you knowledgeable but you can’t learn yoga.

Yoga is a technical and scientific process to follow. It needs proper guidance and supervision from a competent and qualified yoga teacher.

There is a way how to start from 0 to reach A and how to progress from A to B and B to C. It’s a step by step process.

By jumping from nowhere to anywhere can’t lead you somewhere.

Myth – 6 Playing background music will help in yoga practice

Fact: If talking about Hatha yoga practice, you need concentration for asan practice and pranayam. External music will not allow making progress in hatha yoga.

There is a purpose for the practice of asans and pranayam which prepares and facilitates raja yoga.

To practice yoga you don’t external noises. In fact, in yoga, you hear the music that comes from within I.e. Anahaat Naad.

Myth – 7 Yoga is only for young people

Fact: Any human being of any age can practice yoga.

Myth – 8 Just a certificate course in yoga makes you competent in teaching yoga

Fact: It takes a lot to make you competent in teaching yoga, You need to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge about yogic science, the human body, psychology and practice.

Myth – 9 You can practice yoga during menstruation

Fact: No you can’t.

Menstruation is the natural process of cleansing during which Apan Vayu; One of the pran of five main prans and a total of ten, flows downwards.

Yoga is the process to make Apan Vayu flows upwards and join it with other prans.

By practising yoga during menstruation can disturb the direction of vital energy.

(P.S. This is a big topic, will talk about it in-depth in an upcoming blog or video)

Myth – 10 Yoga is great exercise

Fact: Yoga is yoga!

Yoga is not exercise.

Yoga is the path.

If your intention is just physical fitness or bodybuilding then you should reconsider it.

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