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“A relationship where you can be weird together is your best choice.” — Paulo Coelho

Everyone wishes to have a successful and loving relationship. Wishing something alone without knowing the facts will never bear good fruits.

1. Become the one

When it comes to having a loving relationship, we all have predecided expectations for the partner. I want this type of a lady or man, my lady or man should be like this, my lady or man should have this, etc.  You want to have a loving and caring partner, but have you ever checked with yourself, are you loving and caring?

You want to have a committed and sincere partner, are you the one?

You want to have a responsible partner, are you the one?

Don’t put expectations on your partner’s bucket when you are not the one.

First, become that person you desire to have.

A happy and successful relationship is all about involvement rather than just fulfilling the duties and expectations.

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2. Check on yourself

Check on yourself, are you ready to take responsibility for the relationship?

Are you ready to make commitments to be with that person in the ups and downs of life?

Do you think even after fights, you hold no bitterness within for that person?

Think about how much you can tolerate that person.

Do you think you can be you with that person?

Do you think you won’t have to pretend or be someone else with that person?

Do you think you respect your partner’s ideals and your partner respect yous?

Do you think your vision is aligned with your partner’s vision?

Do you think you both can grow old loving and caring for each other?

3. Love language

Before you make the list of qualities of your ideal partner, take considerable time to think about what is your love language.

Let me explain, what is a love language.

Love can be expressed in many ways and the same love can be felt in different ways.

These days couples fall short of affection or have differences because they have a different love languages. When there is a gap in the way of expressing love and receiving love, differences play a role to spoil any good relationship. Don’t hesitate to discuss your love language with your potential partner before going for the commitments.

By Tatva Within

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