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The excellence of your life depends on what you do every day. In this era, where we have so many tools and technology that comforts us but at the same time it distract us from quality living. Here are 39 basic traits that will support you live better.

1. Show courage to give up on anything that sucks your energy.

2. If you can be anything, first, choose to be kind.

3. Stay grounded.

4. Wear honesty as your crown.

5. Your body is your home. Taking care of physical and mental health should be the priority.

6. Stick to your words.

7. Listening is an art, be a fine artist in listening.

8. Don’t say what you don’t mean and believe.

9. Choose your inspiration/s wisely.

10. Give as many chances to people as you give to yourself.

11. Find a life’s purpose and live your calling.

12. As long as you know your story; live gracefully, don’t bother about what people will say.

13. Let people judge you. It shows their level of understanding. No one can judge you right.

14. Be genuine. There is no competition here.

15. Find the thin line difference between being selfish and self-love.

16. Life is now, live it.

17. Embrace obstacles and success gracefully.

18. Choose your inner circle wisely.

19. Most things you do make no difference. Pay attention to them.

20. Confess freely.

21. Let your loved ones know how much you love them.

22. Never leave your home in a bad mood.

23. Life is too short to do what is doable.

24. Choose to support humanity over anything.

25. We owe a debt to nature, contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

26. Peace is not outside, it’s within.

27. Never ignore your intuitions.

28. Pay attention to little voices in your brain.

29. Learn to say NO.

30. Know when to say YES.

31. Choose wisely from where and whom to take advice.

32. Never give unwanted advice to those whose intellect is not ready to accept.

33. Never advise by considering a person knows nothing, they might know more than you. They might have different aims and aspirations in life.

34. Invest in people.

35. Give up on anything which is not aligned with your life goals.

36. Never make assumptions, you will never get them right.

37. Know your true worth.

38. Spend enough time with yourself.

39. Raise your consciousness and evolve.

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