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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” –Helen Keller

1. Life can be extremely crazy

Sometimes it will shower happiness for no reason, and it will make faces. Sometimes it can be extremely easy and other times it takes a course towards hardships. 

If you choose to fight with life, you can’t win over because life is not a game to play to win, but it’s a crazy game to play to perform; perform your best in every phase and dimension of life. 

Nothing stays forever, be it happiness or sadness, good times or bad times. 

Happy are those who can balance themselves in each phase of life. 

As we know, “The Show Must Go On,” Keep Growing!

2. Your Life is your responsibility

You can take the support of sensible people around you, but your life is yours. You are the only responsible person to decide what to do with your life.

Take ownership of your life else entire life you will keep complaining about things that happen to you. 

3. Learn to say YES and NO in life

“YES” and “NO” are the pillars of life. Entire life and everything that happens to you is depended on what you allow to happen and what you don’t allow to happen in life. 

Remember, you are the creator of your life. Create the life that you wish to see again and again and feel proud of it. 

When you are on the deathbed and for a moment if you screen your entire life, it should bring one big smile and your lips must utter, “It was a damn crazy and beautiful life, I have lived it to my best capacity, I am happy and content.”

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4. Mistakes are part of life

You will never find a person who has done no mistake in life intentionally or unintentionally. If any person says he/she has done no mistake then consider they are a liar. 

Mistakes don’t define any labels on you but they are your guide to make you a skilled person, a better person than yesterday.

Acknowledge, accept, and learn.

5. Life is a beautiful gift

When someone gives you any gift, you treasure it for your entire life with gratitude and immense pleasure. 

How are you treating your life? 

Yes, take a moment and question yourself, Are you living a life you wish to live? 

“Don’t take chances but make conscious choices in your life to live it fullest” – Dr Pooja Patel

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