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Being a yoga teacher it makes me happy to see people adopting yoga in their life. As yogic science is the divine gift to humanity that not only help you keep healthy but also helps to evolve and raise your consciousness to the full potential. There are a few things that you must know as a yoga practitioner.

1. Know your body

In the beginning, asan and pranayam practice might be challenging for you. As physical postures demand strength, focus and flexibility and pranayam requires harmonious breathing and steady posture. Sometimes it becomes tedious too. Initially, don’t overdo it. It’s important to follow the right yogic techniques, and follow the instructions of your yoga teacher, it will surely help you turn a task into a beautiful experience.

2. Progress not perfection

Remember, You are the only competitor to yourself. Don’t try to become perfect initially, focus on progress, follow the right methods, and gradually you will become an expert yoga practitioner.

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3. Patience

Yoga is a journey. You may aim for ceratin fruits, but don’t expect overnight results. Yoga is not magic. It’s a science. When you follow the right yogic techniques, results are inevitable. To yield desired goals depends on your seriousness toward yoga, persistence, your efforts, diet, any existing disease, your body type,  lifestyle, etc.

4. Watch your food

Mitahar or a friendly diet is an important element in yoga. It’s a well-known saying, “You become what you eat.” Make corrections and changes in your diet, that will help you in your yoga practice immensely.

5. Turn inward

You should never consider yoga as just a physical exercise. Yoga is a way to connect with the divine self, yoga is the practice of eight limbs of ashtang yoga. It’s equally important to follow yams and niyams along with the asan and pranayam practice. When you are on the mat, try to connect with your breath and subtle energies.

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