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Emotional safety means you can share your inner feelings and concerns with no fear. You feel safe and openly discuss by letting your guard down.

Feeling emotionally safe is the bedrock of any substantial and successful relationship.

In recent times, in the age of social media and the internet, you can approach people easily but it’s difficult to find people whom you can connect deeply with whom they can share their authentic sentiments and obtain trustworthy guidance.

This drives people emotionally vulnerable in any relationship and sometimes that provokes stress, anxiety, and depression.

We all call for someone or some people in life with whom we can express our innermost sentiments.

You can always find out if you are with an emotionally safe person or not. Here are some signs that can help you identify an emotionally safe person.

1. They listen to understand

Emotionally safe people are good listeners. When you talk to them, they will listen to you attentively and seek to learn what you are trying to convey. They will help you let your guard down and communicate your inner feelings, anxiety, confusion, fears, and vulnerability. They will make you comfortable by being honest with you. They try to understand you with no judgments and help you take better decisions by giving you honest and clear resolutions.

2. They encourage you to be you

Emotionally safe people help you grow in your life. They support you to take inspired actions toward your goals. They always help you become a better person.

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3. They understand your privacy and give you your space

Emotionally safe people understand every person is different, with unique traits, likes, and dislikes. They know how to keep boundaries. They respect everyone’s privacy and provide enough space so that you can be you and have your personal space for introspection and be you.

4. Their communication is clear

Emotionally safe people are sorted people. They know what they want to do in life. Their goals and vision are clear. They are honest and clear in communication. They keep their words and never make phoney promises. When they express opinions or guidance, they are very clear and it is thoughtful. You can always rely on their words.

5. You feel calm and safe with them

When you are with an emotionally safe person, you feel calm and safe. You seem light. You sense you are taken care of, you are heard, and you and your views are valued. When you are with an emotionally safe person, you feel relaxed. They never compare or compete, but they give you equal importance.

Final Words:

Feeling emotionally safe means feeling internally safe and relaxed. When you are with an emotionally safe person, you won’t feel defensive but feel authentic with the person.

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