51 Things To do When You Are Not Feeling Good

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas A. Edison

Life is all about ups and downs. The graph is not steady and people have to experience everything certain and uncertain come their way.

There are moments when we feel happy and there are moments when we feel uneasy. Mood changes according to the situation.

Here is the list of 51 things to do when you are not feeling good in life to lighten your mood.

  • Listen to Music

Music is therapy like meditation. Listen to soothing music that helps to pump up your mood. Avoid listening to emotional and sad music else this will further trigger your bad mood.

  • Journaling

Journaling is a detox therapy. Writing your thoughts on paper can surely relieve you from bothering things.

  • Drawing or Doodling

Take a paper and pencil and start drawing and doodling anything you feel. You don’t need good sketching or drawing skills.

  • Read Books or Blogs

Read your favourite book or blog that will help you engage yourself in your favourite activity.

  • Reflect a Great Day

As I mentioned earlier life is not the same every day. Close your eyes and imagine a good day or happy moments you had in the past or Imagine a happy moment or your favourite task you are going to do in your future.

  • Look at photos or take pictures

Yes, looking at your favourite pictures can revive happy memories. Look at the pictures of nature or your favourite place. Look at your pictures and you will notice how strong and beautiful you are.

Or click pictures with your favourite camera or phone.

  • Cry

Yes, my dear cry! When you feel like crying, just cry. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak. Don’t hold emotions within. Crying will help you lighten yourself.

  • Sing

No, you don’t have to be a singer to sing. No matter how good or bad you sing, sing your favourite song.

  • Cooking

Cook your favourite recipe or cook something. Yes, your kitchen is a therapy room!

  • Dress up

Dress up, make a hairstyle or do some makeup. Trust me this will work.

  • Get out of the Bed

Just get out of the bed or chair or the place you are right now. Change your place.

  • Take a Walk

Go for a small walk. Enjoy surrounding things. Notice everything around you and you will experience life is damn beautiful and each moment is worth living happily.

If you can’t go out then take a walk on your balcony or home.

  • Play an instrument

Play any instrument you know.

  • Watch funny videos

You don’t need to read or watch something motivational or inspirational always. Watch something funny and laugh a lot!

  • Watch a movie

Stream your favourite movie and enjoy the time with your favourite drink.

  • Call your friend

You can make a call to your best buddy and talk about general things.

  • Talk to your siblings

Siblings are your best friends forever, no matter how many times in a day you fight and how badly you fight with each other. Spend some time with your siblings.

  • Talk to your parents

Talk to your parents, spend some time with them. This will always give you good vibes.

  • Talk to your coach

Your coach is someone who can help you professionally to get rid of such things in life permanently. Don’t hesitate to consult a life coach. This will be a game-changer.

  • Meditate

Meditation can help you calm your mind.

  • Yoga

Practice yoga if it’s a convenient time to do that. This can help you calm your mind and shift your focus.

  • Exercise

Physical activity can help you change your mood.

  • Pranayam

Practising pranayama will help your calm your mind and release positive energy.

  • Visit salon

You can visit your salon and go for a spa or makeover.

  • Write things you are grateful for

Take a pen and diary and count your blessing. Write everything you are grateful for and happy to have in your life.

  • Dance

Turn on your favourite music and dance.

  • Say thank you

In any situation, there is something to be thankful for. Even in bad times, be thankful for learnings.

  • Statement of being strong

Remind yourself that you are strong and you can and will overcome this.

  • Gift yourself

Gift yourself something.

  • Visit a park

Visit a park and notice everything around.

  • Open curtains and look outside

Yes, look outside the window and observe things around.

  • Clean House

Cleaning helps declutter your mind too.

  • Room makeover

Make some changes to your room. Re-decorate things.

  • Change bedsheets

Yes, it works!

  • Take a head bath

Taking a head bath will give you freshness. Water is one of the 5 main elements of the body and it can also act as aura cleansing.

  • Deep breathing

Just close your eyes, sit with your back straight and do deep breathing.

  • Gardening

Plant something or water your plants or spend some time in your kitchen garden.

  • Go for a drive

Take keys and go for a long or short drive.

  • Ride your bike

Breathing open-air while riding your bike will help you enhance your mood.

  • Practice affirmations

You may practice positive affirmations.

  • Question your thoughts

Just question your thoughts that are bothering you, you may find solutions.

  • Listen to a positive podcast

There are tons of inspirational podcasts, have them on your bucket list and listen to them.

  • Watch inspirational videos

YouTube has many inspirational videos and stories. Listen to them you may find that your problem is not even a problem.

  • Online window shopping

Do window shopping on amazon or some online shopping site. Search stuff you will be needed in near future or check out any random stuff of your interest.

  • Take sunbath in the morning

Sunbath in the morning is also one type of aura cleansing process. Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D. This will help you stay emotionally fit in long term.

  • Look at the sky

Just look at the sky and you will release you have immense capacity and the sky is the limit. This will rejuvenate your mood with positivity.

  • Read inspirational quotes

One sentence is enough to change your life. Read inspirational and motivational quotes to boost your self-esteem.

  • Make your favourite drink or lemonade

Make tea or coffee or shake or lemonade and have it.

49. Eat something

Eat something or chocolates.

  • Drink water mindfully

Mindful drinking of water can help you calm your brain and it brings freshness.

  • Affirm “You are enough” “You are doing best of your capacity”

This will help you accept yourself and start fresh with positive energy.

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