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“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness is a choice that will help you become a better person each passing day. Here are 7 things that mindful people follow as a part of their routine.

1 Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing helps in getting control over your monkey mind.

Breathing responds to any thoughts, emotions and activities. When you have control over your breathing, you can control your mind-chatter and experience peace, focus and clarity of thoughts.

Let’s do a 5 cycle of mindful breathing.

Sit in any comfortable posture or lie down in a supine position and gently close your eyes. Slowly and gently scan your body from head to toe and relax your entire body muscles.

Now slowly bring your attention to the breathing.

Remain fully focused on inhalation and exhalation for the next 5 breathing cycles.

Take a deep and slow inhalation, observe how the air goes in, feel the touch of air on the tip of the nose, fill the entire chest and let your belly swell. Now, gently and slowly exhale and feel the slight pull while exhalation and as you exhale, relax your face muscles feel the relaxation all over the body.

Likewise, repeat the breathing for 5 cycles and try to remain fully involved in the breathing process.

Slowly you can train yourself for more cycles of breathing and go up to 15-20 minutes of mindful breathing.

2 Mindful Drinking

Mindful drinking helps in releasing stress and anxiety, improves mood and emotions and brings freshness to the mind, and increases productivity and creativity.

Mindfulness Drinking refers to being aware of drinking water and beverages.

When you drink water, always drink slowly and with positive thoughts, and with good intentions, water has a high retention capacity that retains the primary vibration while you consume it and it spreads across the body.

When you drink any beverage, be mindful of how it smells, taste, consistency, and look. This will give you a sense of freshness, new energy, and satisfaction with consuming something.

So today when you drink anything try to be mindful all the time and see the instant changes in yourself. Slowly it will become your habit to drink anything with mindfulness.

3 Mindful Eating

Mindful eating helps in following the Mitahar and balanced diet to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. It helps in the better secretion of digestive juices and metabolism.

Before you eat, send gratitude to the divine and universe that you have food to eat, be mindful of what is on the plate, be mindful of the quantity and quality of the food.

Stay away from the distractions like having a conversation while eating, using your phone or watching tv, thinking about any issue or planning while eating, etc. Try to eat with family as many as meals possible.

Remain fully involved in the process of eating with gratitude like the aroma of the food, look, taste, chewing, etc. This will also help you in controlling overeating and weight loss.

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4 Mindful Observation

Mindful observation helps in increasing concentration, memory power, productivity and improving brain function, and getting rid of attention-deficit problems.

Today, be mindful of what you see around you, just become aware and appreciative of things you observe without processing any information inside your mind.

Visit any natural place or watch the sunrise and sunset, observe the vastness of the sky, listen to birds chirping, breeze moving, etc.

Observe things while travelling or going to your office, this will help you relieve stress, cut off from the mind-chatter and develop kindness and unconditional love for everything and everyone around you.

5 Mindful Communications

Mindful communications will help bring a positive shift and mind programming.

Mindful communication includes both, speaking and listening that helps in covey and receiving the exact message to people.

When you are mindful of what and how you speak, you become attentive to your mistakes and that gives you a chance of improvement.

When you are aware of listening, you will be able to extract the exact meaning of the conversation.

Become aware of self-talks too. You will never speak to anyone the way you speak to yourself. Be mindful of self-talk, check on the voice, if it is positive or negative, encouraging or discouraging, full of energy or low energy, and accordingly make corrections to raise the vibrations.

Once you become aware of internal and external communications, you will have a chance to make corrections and improvements.

Try mindful communication for yourself and with others and see the positive shift in life.

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6 Mindful Cooking

Food has the power to carry your intentions, energy, and vibrations. Mindful cooking can heal relationships and recover people from ailments.

Today when you prepare your meals, cook with a positive intention and lots of love. Add prayer for all people who are going to eat that food. The process of mindful cooking will bring peace to you as well.

Have you noticed that when the food is cooked by your loved one has a taste that no restaurant can match. That’s the effect of mindful cooking.

Do follow the process of mindful cooking today and experience it for yourself.

7 Mindful Prayer

Mindful prayer has the power to create miracles in your life.

Mostly when we pray, we pray from the scarcity mindset, from the lacking mindset and that lowers the effect of prayers. Many times we just pray as a part of rituals and in that prayer we are not present, the mind keeps wandering to different things and such prayers don’t bring results.

Today, when you pray, have a sense of gratitude, surrender to the divine or universe and be aware of what you are praying and whom you are praying to.

Also, add prayers for your family & friends, team members, or co-workers and the peace in the world. This will bring bliss to you and increase your vibrations.

Today try to remain fully involved in the process of praying, experience the instant change.

All ears to your experience if you wish to share.

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