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“Happiness is a choice and you must choose it”

Imagine you are out shopping with your friend. You are passionately looking and trying different dresses.

Your friend has a different choice and wants you to pick the dress of his/her choice. Maybe you will try but you won’t buy and if out of courtesy you ended up buying then you may return after a few days or you won’t wear it often, right?

Are you with me here?

My dear! If you can’t pick clothes of other’s choices then why are you picking unhappiness where happiness is always an option to pick?!

Here are some master keys to a happy life.

1. Know yourself

To know the self is an ongoing and lifelong task. Time and life experiences have a great influence on our perceptions and choices.

At a given time, it is important to have clarity of thoughts and choices.

It is crucial to know “WHY.”

You experience setbacks because you took a decision unconsciously. You had no clarity about why you wanted to do it. In most cases, it’s just an impulse and either emotionally driven or calculated.

Many times you do it because everybody is doing it and in such cases, you are likely to suppress your true self.

You never try to know the real you. What is life for you, what is your purpose, what is your passion, your aims and aspirations, etc.

It’s important to know yourself and evaluate where you are heading from time to time so that you have proper clarity on what you want and who you are.

Want to do a self-assessment? Here are steps for self-evaluation to keep yourself on the right track.

2. Know your self-worth

Know who you are.

Don’t settle for anything less you deserve.

Many times out of need or urgency it requires settling for less deserving. In that case, make sure you take a thoughtful and conscious decision that you won’t regret in the future.

If you are taking any temporary move then make sure it’s not going to harm others in any way. Sometimes regrets and guilt cause hurt so it’s important to make well-informed decisions and make moves you deserve.

3. Gratitude

“In any given situation you will always have something to be grateful for”

If you are in good health, your family is with you, you have shelter and two times meals, you are rich, isn’t it?

But out of greed and unnecessary aspirations, we tend to forget what we have and it shifts focus on what we don’t have. That’s the cause of unhappiness.

“Turn greed into Gratitude and Aspirations into conscious moves”

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4. Love

Love is a beautiful tool of happiness. But unfortunately, out of no understanding or lack of understanding, this has become one of the causes of unhappiness.

Love is love!

Love is a state you hold within. Love is not attached to any person but it is a state of being.

Find that precious treasure within, don’t look it outside.

5. Have patience and faith

Life is a rollercoaster ride. It will always have ups and downs.

In any situation remember, “This too shall pass.”

Have patience, have a positive outlook and take action towards progress, keep moving, and trust.

Have faith in yourself and the almighty too.

6. Be a lifelong learner

Learning is life long process. I am not talking about the degrees and certificates.

Learnings in the form of guidance, inspiration, motivation, transformation, change in perspective, mind mastery, and emotional resilience.

Anything that happens to you has something to teach you, train yourself in such a way as to extract the treasure out of the mess.

7. Mind & Emotions Mastery

The mind is a notorious instrument in the body. If you don’t know how to handle it, it can go wrong. How you react to each thought and emotion will determine how happy or unhappy you are. It’s completely in your hand how to treat your mind.

There are various ways to train your mind and get Mind and Emotional mastery. Such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, engaging in a productive task, evaluating yourself from time to time, keep track of your thoughts and emotions, you can take professional mentorship to gain self-mastery.

8. Give back

Help others and be kind. Help others in whatever ways you can and give back to society. This will give you a sense of joy and satisfaction.

“Kindness is a tonic of happiness”

9. A consciousness that we are immortal in the mortal body

The last but most important thing to remember is that we are not here forever. Everything will remain here only.

When you are aware and always keep in mind that you are immortal trapped in the mortal body then you will do what brings joy, satisfaction, and happiness.

Watch your unproductive habits which bring unhappiness. Keep a tap on them and consciously follow productive habits which bring peace.

Final Words:

Happiness is a choice. In any phase of life, options are always there and you must choose happiness. Like, love, happiness is also a state of being.

Don’t die before death!

Affirm this in the comment, “I choose happiness and peace”

By Tatva Within

Founder - Tatva Within | Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach | Author

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