A Tasty Yogic Drink That Will Help You Boost Immunity and Promote Good Health

Healthy food habits play a crucial role in keeping good health and boosting immunity. In current times when the world is facing pandemic challenges every year, it’s essential and should be the priority to have robust health.

Let\’s talk about one such Yogic drink that you can prepare easily and instantly. All the ingredients of this drink are available in every household\’s kitchen or you can get them easily from the market.


Milk (if available cow milk)


Green Turmeric or Turmeric Powder (organic)



Black Pepper


Organic Jaggery

Dry fruits(optional): Almonds, Cashew, Dates, Anjeer

Preparation of Yogic Drink without dry fruits:

Take a small piece of ginger, green turmeric and cinnamon, 1 cardamom, 3-4 black pepper, 1 clove and grind them well and add it in one cup of milk, stir and boil it well. If you wish to add any sweetener, you can add organic jaggery, After 3-4 times bubbling upward of the milk, turn off the flame and strain the milk in a serving bowl and have it when it’s lukewarm.

Preparation of Yogic Drink with dry fruits:

If you want to make it more tasty, healthy and nutritious then make rough pieces of 5-6 Almonds(overnight soaked), 2-3 cashew, 1-2 dates, 1 Anjeer in the serving bowl and add the boiled milk prepared with the above spices and process, stir it well and have it when it’s lukewarm. Please note, in this process, you may avoid jaggery as dates will be a natural sweetener to this drink.

You may have it daily or can follow the frequency that suits you.

You can adjust the quantity of ingredients.

Please avoid any ingredient that you need to avoid in case of any body ailments for example jaggery in case of diabetes.

Benefits of Yogic Drink:

Ingredients of the above drink are having anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-secretory, anti-microbial, anti-tussive, anti-oxidant, anti-asthmatic, anti-cancerous, anti-bacterial, rich in fibre, rich in rare protein and minerals that help maintain good health and boost immunity. This is helpful in upper respiratory congestion, cold, cough, liver health, digestion, metabolism, regulating blood sugar level, weight loss, reducing stress, neuro-muscular health, oral hygiene, body pain, bones health, gastric ulcer and gut health, healthy skin and hair, maintaining B12, iron and other minerals and vitamins, etc. In short, this yogic drink promotes overall body health.

Please let me know in the comment if you have any queries or doubts.

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