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“My body is not flexible, can I practice yoga?” is the often asked question.

So today, I thought, let’s talk about this.

Well, you don’t need body flexibility to practice yoga.

It is mentioned in the classical texts of yoga that any ordinary human being can do yoga. However, there are certain precautions and restrictions to be followed if you are suffering from anybody ailment.

But certainly, body flexibility is never an issue to practice yoga.

These days, in the age of social media, you see many yoga trainers and yoga practitioners doing and showing difficult poses. Before you undermine yourself and start thinking that you can’t practice yoga or yoga is not for you, let me throw some light here.

There are two facts you need to understand.

First, some people are flexible by birth. So they can bend their body in whatever ways they want.

Second, some people are regular yoga practitioners with months and years of yoga practice, so they can bend their body the way they want.

Now coming to the crucial part.

Yoga is not just physical exercise, it is much more beyond the perception of logic and human intelligence.

Yoga is the progressive process to align energies the way they are, thereby improving and enhancing the various dimensions of life!

Yoga is the key to unlock the immense potential within.

“Yoga is not something you do with your body but yoga is what you do through your body.”

When you practice yoga step by step with the right techniques and scientific way, you will gain body flexibility in no time. And for that, it requires no exertion. You can practice yoga with complete ease and yet you will bear benefits and gain flexibility too.

Last, but not least, you certainly don’t need body flexibility, you just need a will to practice yoga.

If you still have any doubts, then let me know in the comment section.

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