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“Life is complicated,” you may have heard this several times or at least once in life.

No, life is not complicated.

Life is simple.

It seems complicated when you are engaged in tasks you shouldn’t be engaged in, and you face their after-effects.

That’s when life becomes complicated.

Here are 7 ways to simplify life.

1. Honest living

Most people live differently in different situations in life. They pretend to be someone else in public or social life than actually, they are.

In this process, they are constantly engaging themselves in trying to be someone else, and eventually, they lost the connection with themselves.

Stop complicating your life by becoming someone else, be you, and you will attract your tribe.

2. Communicate effectively

Communication is the key to success in life. One should be a lifelong learner to improve and polish their communication skills.

Communicate effectively, and learn how to convey the exact message you mean. No one is a magician or mind reader. When you communicate haywire or in a secretive manner, you will lose the other person’s trust or you will end up delivering the meaning you don’t intend for.

Be specific, be simple and check with yourself before and after the communication if you have conveyed properly or not. And if necessary don’t mind correcting your mistake.

3. Learn to say YES and NO

A lot of people complicate their life by doing what others want them to do. Stop living life on someone else’s decisions.

Have a clear understanding before you say yes or no to anyone or any task. Be courageous to say yes and no.

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4. Stop procrastinating

Procrastinating is another contributing factor in complicating life.

Sometimes there are genuine reasons things are not happening on time. But It’s important to check on reasons if they are valid or not because most of the time reasons are created by the mind, they are just mental blocks.

Work on your planning, to-do list and deadlines to avoid procrastination.

5. Stay away from toxic people

Sometimes, you waste a lot of time entertaining toxic people in life. No matter who they are, if they sound toxic to your mental health or your growth path, learn to create boundaries.

Toxic people drain your time and energy and it can affect your emotional health, personal and professional life too.

6. Don’t try to control everything

It’s important to learn the art of living.

Life is life! Take it easy.

Learn to let go of things that are not in control. Stop wasting your time, energy, and efforts in the wrong direction. A few things and people are better to leave behind when they don’t have any productive presence in your life.

7. Know your purpose

You have a limited period and a fixed timeline to be on the earth. You aren’t here forever.

Live consciously!

Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions, relations, dreams, and aspirations in life. All must be aligned with your inner self and life purpose.

Clarity is the key to a successful and meaningful life! Invest in yourself to evolve as a better person. This will help you live largely!

Final Words:

Life is simple, only when we live unconsciously it seems complicated.

By Tatva Within

Founder - Tatva Within | Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach | Author

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