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It makes me happy to see a lot of people have adopted yoga in their lifestyle. When the entire world is facing different known–unknown challenges one after another, it’s important to take responsibility for yourself.

Yoga is the way of being. And by regular practice of yoga, one can get their physical health, mental health, and a spiritual way forward.

But before you start a yoga practice, I would like to tell you these 5 basic things you must know.

1. Don’t expect immediate results

Yoga is not magic.

It’s a science.

When you begin with yoga, your yoga teacher will design different yoga series that will work on different levels. That will take you to different levels, such as body purification (Sharirik shuddhi), Chitta shuddhi, blockage removal, and so on.

Sometimes you may start seeing immediate changes and sometimes it takes time.

Yoga is the practice of patience. “Patience” is one of the aspects of yoga and you must adopt it.

2. Don’t overdo

This is somewhere linked to the expectations of immediate results.

It’s a common misunderstanding among people that the more you twist or bend your body immediate the results will be.

Yoga is way technical and when you apply those techniques in your practice, even if you can’t make the perfect posture and can’t hold your breath for the exact time which has been described, it will work.

When you adopt something different in your lifestyle, your mind, body, and energies will take some time to adjust to it.

Don’t overdo anything in yoga. Ask your yoga teacher if you have doubts. Else you will end up making injuries or imbalances.

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3. Don’t compare

Never compare yourself with others. In yoga, you are the competitor to yourself.

You must aim to become better every day.

Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, how much progress you have made today, and what you are becoming.

4. Purpose of doing yoga

When you begin with yoga, you must tell your yoga teacher about your purpose for doing yoga. Yoga can be applied and practised in different ways to achieve different aims.

So, you must have clarity of “WHY”

Also, before you begin your yoga journey you must inform your yoga teacher about any physical and mental illness or surgery in the past.

5. Specific instructions to follow

Usually, once you register for any yoga teachings, you will get specific sets of instructions from your yoga teacher side.

It consists of things you should and you shouldn’t do. According to your purpose of doing yoga and your physical and mental health conditions, instructions will be different.

Final words:

I hope this will help somewhere in your yoga journey. If you have any questions or doubts about yoga and yoga philosophy, please feel free to ask.

By Tatva Within

Founder - Tatva Within | Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach | Author

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